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Reports and Reviews

Over the years I have had published many press reports from tournaments and seminars I have attended in the UK and overseas. Some of them are available to view here:

Premier Karate Course with Iain Abernethy, Tony Christian, Wayne Otto & Terry Pottage, Leigh, Oct 09

WKF World Championships, Tampere2006

AMA National Championships 2003

AMA National Championships 2004

AMA  Tech Committee Dan Grading  2004

AMA Eastern Open 2004

AMA International Open 2003

AMA International Open 2005

AMA International Open 2006

ama north west open 2006

British International Karate Open 2004

British International Karate Open 2005

British International Cadets / Youth Open 2006

British Youth Championships 2004

British Youth Championships 2006

Commonwealth Championships, Manchester 2003

English international open 2003

EKGB Championships 2003

EKGB Championships 2005

EKGB Junior Championships 2005

EKGB Junior Championships 2004

JKF Gojukai Seminar, Bisham Abbey 2006

Karate England National Championships 2006

English Championships, Masters 2005

PKO North East Open 2003

Ticky Donovan Lifetime Achievement Award 2005

Terry Pottage Kata DVD Set Review

WAKO  National Championships 2005